To Nottingham At Last

What do you have for us Nottingham? What are you holding and who do you tell? I know it’s none of my business - you don’t know me - but, are you grieving?

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Sam Butler
A Space for Grief (This Grief Thing in Preston)

Preston.  Lancashire.  The River Ribble.  Post-industrial city, we’re staying in an apartment on the dock.  Sailing boats, the university, the market hall.  A Caribbean takeaway, a Brazilian café, a fish and chip shop.  We’ve taken over an empty unit in St George’s Shopping Centre.  Costa Coffee, M&S, H&M, Holland & Barrett and us.    

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David HarradineComment
Say Something

It’s like this: I had this person in my life, they are/were/ARE part of who I am and now I can’t see/talk/touch them and I miss them, and I feel broken.

I know, that’s really hard to hear and you can’t fix it. I’m not asking you to be superhuman. All I need is the human you to enter my world and try to understand my new reality. I’m in shock/angry/lonely/lost/…/…

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