To Nottingham At Last

grief 334.jpg

This project embeds itself in your body; there’s a place inside me, in my chest I think, where I keep what I’ve learnt and heard and what I know about grief and grieving, that prevents me from unknowing. I’ve had an empathy implant and I hope it remains. And though the first run of 3 shops last year felt hard and heavy and deep, I just can’t wait to begin again.

What do you have for us Nottingham? What are you holding and who do you tell? I know it’s none of my business - you don’t know me - but, are you grieving?

Buy what if you cry in public?

But what if you get angry?

What if you think the things you are feeling are wrong?

If you think you should be over it.

That it’s better kept in.

Don’t mention it.

Don’t ask.

And what if we did cry in public?

And what if angry was ok?

Did you know that the things you are feeling are right?

I think you should know you probably won’t get over it.

That it’s usually better to talk about it.

That mentioning it won’t make it worse.

That you should ask.

We’re coming to Nottingham, and we’re opening our shop for grief. We can’t wait to talk to you all.

We’ve made it our business.

Sam Butler